• One make-up class per month, for each of your class days, is permitted. Students must fill out a make-up slip (under office window) and give it to the instructor when entering the studio for their make-up class. Students will not be allowed into a make up class without this slip.
  • The school frowns upon students missing classes and will move the student back if they are not keeping up. In ballet training every single class is important.
  • Ballet classes may be made-up in the same level or a lower  level. Jazz classes may be made-up in a lower level of jazz or a same level or lower level of ballet.
  • Make-up classes are non-transferable.
  • Our scheduled holidays are figured in to our fiscal year and are not eligible for make-ups.
  • If we have an unscheduled cancellation (usually due to icy roads or heavy snow)  you may make-up the cancelled class without it being counted in your one per month allowed make-ups.
  • If a student must be out of class for an extended period of time because of injury or illness we must have a signed note from their physician or physical therapist, to hold their place in the school.
  • NPSB reserves the right to expel a student at any time for stealing, using tobacco products or any other inappropriate behavior on school property or at performances.