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Fall Registration Form

Fall Schedule and Fees

2018-2019 calendar (last updated 7/24/18)
If you don’t see it on this calendar is not a holiday for us.
Green  indicates what’s coming next.
Red indicates changes since calendar was posted on .

Sept. 5th-15th  First tuition payments due
Sept. 5th  First day of classes for Div. 1A – 5
Sept. 11th  First day of classes for Creative Tots/Pre-Ballet
Sept. 22nd  Nutcracker Audition (Div. 3B-5) Sign in 3:30 PM
Sept. 23rd  Nutcracker Audition (Div. 1B-3A)
Sept. 29th  Nutcracker Contracts are signed
Sept. 29th  Nutcracker Rehearsals begin

Oct. 8th   Bring a Friend Week (Tiny Tots – Div. 2A)
Oct. 29th-Nov. 3rd  Dress Down Week (Nutcracker Fundraiser)
Oct. 31st No classes after 5:30. All later classes may makeup in same or lower levels.

Nov. 5th-10th Second quarterly payments due       
                      Recital Costume deposits due. ($40. per costume)

Nov. 22nd-25th Closed for Thanksgiving. (Re-open Mon. Nov. 26th)
                        There will be a Nutcracker Rehearsal on Nov. 25th

Dec. 5th-9th Nutcracker Dress Rehearsal and Performances  
                   Please see “Class Cancellation Link” for Nutcracker Class Cancellations.
Dec. 24th -Jan. 1st Closed for Winter Holidays. (Re-open Wed. Jan. 2nd)

Jan. 14th-19th Third quarterly payments or 2nd semi-annual payments are due     
                          Recital Costume Balances are due. ($35. Per costume)

Mar.11th-Mar. 16th Fourth Quarterly Payments due 
                              Recital fee due. ($48. Single show families, $96. Double show families)

Apr. 15th -20th Closed for Spring Break (Re-open Mon. April 22nd)
Apr. 22nd Accepting Summer Course 2018 Deposits & Fall 2018 Registration
Apr. 29th-May 4th Bring a Friend Week. (Tiny Tots – Div. 2A)

May 27th Closed for Memorial Day.
May 31st-Jun. 2nd Recital Dress Rehearsals and Performances.

June 3rd Closed for Recital Recovery.
June 4th-8th Dress Down Week (Nutcracker Fundraiser)

June 4th Accepting Fall Registration Fees and Leotard orders
June 8th Last day of classes
June 10th – June 21st  Early Bird Weeks for Div. 2C-5