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Weather Closings

NPSB does not cancel based on whether or not public schools are closed.
The decision to cancel is based on actual weather and the condition of the parking area 2 hours before each class.

We do not make decisions in the AM about what will happen in the PM.
A normal message on the phone or an old post on the cancellations
link closer than 2 hours before your class time
means the class is going to run.

Example: If your class time is 5:00 PM do not check until 3:00 PM exactly.
If you check at 2:55 we may not have posted the decision yet!

Please realize, you can make-up weather related
cancellations only if we close.
You may not makeup these classes if we are open,
but you decide not to come.

We take into consideration that we not only have students coming from New Paltz and Highland but also from Kingston, Poughkeepsie, Wallkill, Newburgh, and many  other surrounding towns.